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82 The Book of Woodcraft Jas. Cameron as their Old Guide, John Smith Peter Petro Jas. O'Brien Sam Selig Patrick Keenan John June Robert Junk (The address of each added,) It was agreed that the regular order of business should be followed in all business meetings: The Old Guide takes the chair, or in his absence, or at his request, the Chief of the Band takes the chair and the meeting goes as follows: Roll Call New Braves Read the Tally of the last New business meeting Studies Report of Scouts Social doings, songs, dances, Left-over business stories Complaints Adjournment. Honors th Sun Snow Moon, 1910. Second meeting of Band. The Band assembled at 1149 East 9th St., the home of Sam Selig. At 7 o'clock the meeting was opened with Guide Cameron in the chair. The following also present: Smith, O'Brien, Keenan, Junk, Petro, and June. First the Old Guide announced that the Mohawks of Manhattan were not willing to take us in as a Band of their Tribe, as they had already 50 members. Next the following were examined, passed and duly sworn in as Indian Boys: Smith, O'Brien, Keenan, Junk, and June. This took in all the Band except two. It was decided therefore to go ahead and complete the organi- zation. After discussion it was agreed to call this the THUNDER BAND OF MANHATTAN (unattached),"