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Purpose and Laws 8i For colors take two, three or four if you like, but two is the best combination. Having got the Band together let them elect for one year a Chief, one of their number, the natural leader of the gang. Let this leader get a blank book about 7x9, with about 200 pages in it, to be the Tally Book of the band. This he should either keep himself or appoint one of his band to keep. He should also appoint a Wampum Keeper or else take the office himself. THE TALLY BOOK AND HOW TO KEEP IT The Tally Book is the record of the Band's doings. It should be kept Uke the proceedings of any other society. The Tally Keeper who is an artist has a great advantage, as a few sketches and photographs thrown in make a most interesting variation. Some of these Tally Books are beautifully illustrated with colored drawings and are highly prized. In some cases each member has added his thumb mark in printer's ink opposite his name when first entered. The first page of the Tally Book should bear an inscrip- tion thus: The Tally Book of the Thunder Band (or whatever it is) of Woodcraft Indians For Example. The next page should say for example: On the First day of the Snow Moon (January) of 1910, the following assembled at No. 139 Tenth Avenue, to form a Band of Indians.