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78 The Book of Woodcraft As soon as organized, the Tribe or Band should select a Totem and a Call. Take one out of the accompanying Hst, or a modification of one of them; or take any one that is suggested by them. Thus, you might take the "Wild Cat," but wish to have it of some other color. This you are free to do. Take one, two, three, or even four colors if you like, but two are most convenient. When the book says "purple on green," that means the Totem is in purple; all the rest of the flag is green. Do not be afraid to select other colors, but always keep them as flat tints; avoid mere pictures on the flag. Lines are easily put in with black paint, when they are needed, which is not often. Any bird, animal, tree, or flower, will do for To- tem, but it is all the better if it have some special reason. One Tribe set out on a long journey to look for a Totem. They agreed to take the first living wild thing that they saw and knew the name of. They traveled all one day and saw nothing to suit, but next day, in a swamp, they startled a blue heron. It went off with a harsh cry. So they be- came the "Blue Herons," and adopted as a war cry the croak of the bird and its name — "Hrrrrr — Blue Heron. " Another Band may have the Wolf Totem. The Snap- ping Turtles were formed because their camp was on a lake that was the haunt of a huge snapper. The Flying Eagles had organized, but were sitting in Council waiting for a sign to guide them in choice of a name. A bald eagle came from the lake, flew over the camp, then went back on the lake. This was accepted as the sign, and the Tribe became the Flying Eagle Band of New Jersey