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Purpose and Laws

Some carry a banner standard instead of a shield stand- ard in which case the. banner is hung on a cross piece. When not in use, it is stuck in the ground, near the Chief's teepee or place in Council. TOTEMS The Totem of the whole Nation of BANNER STANDARDS. Woodcraft Indians is the White Buffalo head, symbolized by the Horned White Shield. This is used chiefly on Totem poles and on publications. Each Tribe, of course, has a special Totem. This is selected by the Council, and should be something easy to draw. So, also, each Band has its totem and, finally, each Brave adds a private Totem of his own, usually a drawing of his Indian name, if he wins one. The first of these Tribes took as its Totem a Blue Buffalo, and so became the Blue Buffalo Tribe ; and Deerf oot , the Chief, uses the Blue Buffalo Totem, with his own added underneath. ^