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yo The Book of Woodcraft office; he must first become a Young Brave. Young Braves and Minisino have each a vote, and may hold office. IV. COUNCILS A Council of the Tribe should be held in the first part of each Moon. The yearly Council for the election of officers shall be held on the first sun of the Crow Moon (March) or as soon after as possible. The moons are: Snow (Jan.), Hunger (Feb.), Crow or Wakening (March), Grass (April), Planting (May), Rose (June), Thunder (July), Red (Aug.), Hunting (Sep.), Leaf-falling (Oct.), Mad (Nov.), Long-night (Dec). Special Councils may be called by the Chief, and must be called by him upon the written request of one fourth of the Council, or one third of the Tribe. A quarter of the whole number shall be a quorum of the Council or Tribe. Seven suns' notice must be given before each Council. A Brave or Minisino may vote at any Council of the Tribe, by proxy in his own handwriting. V. THE RULERS OF THE TRIBE Head Chief, elected by the whole Tribe. He should be strong and acceptable, for he is the leader and must enforce the laws. He is Head of the Council and of the Tribe and has charge of the standard which bears the totem of the Tribe. The Second Chief takes the Head Chief's place in his absence; otherwise, he is merely a Councilor. He is elected by the whole Tribe. So, also, the elected Third Chief is leader, only when the other two are away.