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Purpose and Laws 69 (16) Set up a two-man tent, single-handed. (17) Be able to make a comfortable, rainproof shelter, and a dry, comfortable bed, also light a fire and cook a meal, including roast meat, boiled potatoes, and fresh bread, with no tools or utensils but a hatchet and what he can make with it. THE LAWS FOR THE RULING OF THE TRIBE I, NAME This Brotherhood shall be called " The (any local Indian name) Tribe of the < L. ^>Lodge of Woodcraft Indians." II. PURPOSE The true purpose of this Tribe in its Councils shall be to learn of the great Redmen, and to seek out and follow such things as they teach in the outdoor life and the pleasures of woodcraft, and help us to work actively for the preser- vation of wild-life and landscape, and cherish the spirit of Brotherhood, and, above all, see the Beautiful in all things, and through all these achieve a high manhood. III. WHO MAY ENTER Those who would enter must show themselves worthy, according to the established initiation. The number in the Tribe may not exceed 50 (or other number, as agreed). Those who would enter must be admitted to a Band, which is already part of the Tribe, or is afterward made such. The Indian Boy has no vote in the Tribe, nor can he hold