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68 The Book of Woodcraft THE BIG LODGE (For those 15 years of age, and over.) To become an Indian Boy in the Big Lodge, the quali- fication is the same as in the Little Lodge, excepting that the candidate must be fifteen or over. If he is a graduate of the Little Lodge, he may take his Second Degree without waiting a month. Young Brave. To become a Young Brave, the Indian Boy must: Have had one month's service as Boy, and take the same tests as in the Little Lodge are required to quahfy for Minisino or Tried Warrior. Minisino. To become a Minisino, the Young Brave must: (i) Have a thorough course in first aid. (2) Know two hundred signs of the Sign Language. (3) Know ten constellations. (4) Know twenty-five native wild birds. (5) Know fifteen native wild quadrupeds. (6) Know thirty forest trees. (7) Know twenty wild flowers. (8) Swim one hundred yards in three minutes. (9) Make a rubbing-stick fire %vith tools made by himself. (10) Light fifteen successive fires with fifteen matches all in different places and with wildwood stuff. (11) Single-paddle a canoe one mile in twenty minutes, (i 2) Tie ten standard knots in a rope. (13) Make an Indian bed, or else a serviceable bow an(j arrow. (14) Dance any good campfire dance. (15) Walk four miles in one hour. I